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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 14, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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fall in history. we'll have all the news throughout the day right here on the fox newschannel. that's it for us. i'm eric shawn. >> given the choice of the air, i will take my chair. i'm jamie colby. have a great day. good luck, felix. shannon is next. >> we think there are more questions than answers right now, chris, and that those questions deserves answers and the american people have a right to know the answers, accurate answers. >> there's nobody on the planet who is more concerned and more interested in getting to the bottom of this than the president of the united states. he feels personal responsibility for every representative he sends around the world. >> things go from a simple to a boil -- a simmer to a boil for the obama administration over the terror attack in benghazi. republicans are turning up the heat, demanding to know when and what the white house knew about security requests for the diplomatic mission in libya. meanwhile, the president's top advisor defends the administration's handling of the crisis while also saying the buck stops at the oval office
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and accuses the romney campaign of using this tragic event that led to the deaths of four americans to score political points. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. with questions mounting about the benghazi crisis, advisors to the president and top republicans staked out their positions on the sun morning talk shows. steve sensteve centanni has the. >> no doubt critics continued to hammer away of the obama white house over the terrorist attack in benghazi. they're suggesting a politically motivated coverup aimed at bolstering the president's foreign policy credentials. >> they're trying to sell a narrative, quite frankly, that the middle east, the wars are receding and al-qaeda's been dismantled and to admit that our embassy was attacked by calculate o operaives were at
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work. congress was out of session and this caught up with them. i think they've been misleading with them, but it finally caught up with them. >> the administration said at first the attack was a spontaneous reaction to that anti-muslim video. then later they said it was a terrorist attack. now, at a house hearing last week, officials testified there had been requests for tight security in benghazi, but they were turned down. at his debate last week, vice-president joe biden said the white house was unaware of those requests. today a top campaign advisor to the president was asked if the president is ultimately responsible for the response to that attack. >> the administration is responsible. countries that provide us consulates and missions are responsible also for keeping us -- for keeping those people safe and secure. an investigation is what the president and the secretary of state have asked for so that we can understand directly all the things that happened and to take steps necessary to keep anybody that serves our country overseas
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safe from harm. >> there will be an investigation on capitol hill. >> steve centanni with the latest. thanks, steve. it didn't gel right for me because of all the other things that i heard, and i can't tell you specifics. it's just that everything just did not add up right. >> that is pat smith, the mother of shawn smith, one of the four americans killed in benghazi in the september 11th attacks. smith told fo fox news judge's n pirro that she's not getting information about what happened to her son. she accuses high ranking officials of lying to her. smith also says she's getting different stories about whether the attack was terror-related or not. the self proclaimed master mind of the 9/11 terror attacks and four others are scheduled to appear in a military courtroom tomorrow in guantanamo bay, cuba. after several delays, a new
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series of preliminary hearings is set to get underway. chief intelligence correspondent kathrycath written kathryn kat . >> this week's hearings will set the legal framework for the 9/11 trial. inside this high security guantanamo bay military court, custom built for the trial of the century, defense and prosecution lawyers will argue over procedural issues including what th the five suspects and te architect can wear in court. >> i think he will want to wear a camouflage vest. the government doesn't like that. they say in their papers that you can't dress up like you're a legitimate war fighter in this courtroom precisely because you are an illegitimate war fighter. >> reporter: it's no secret that the 9/11 suspects were subjected to the cia enhanced interrogation program, they will
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be challenging the secrecy rules at this hearing. >> every decision made in this case contributes to a larger verdict about whether the military commissions have been fair, especially given the context of this case because it's the terrorism case to end all terrorism cases. >> reporter: later this month, pretrial hearings in the u.s.s. cole case continues. one of the detainees waterboarded by the cia is accused of planning the attack on the cole in october of 2000. four years after canada obama promised to close the camp, two major terrorism trials are scheduled for the guantanamo bay court. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. serious civi syria's civil o signs of letting up. gunmen fired on a bus carrying blan yes, sir, killing four and wounding eight others. turkey is barring civilian flights from syria from its air space because the regime is using them to transport military equipment. human rights watch says civilians in syria now have to
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worry about cluster bombs. the group says syrian ac activists e posted video showing the bombs they say were dropped by government forces. cluster bombs are banned in 77 countries. according to the latest polls, governor romney is gaining some ground in the key swing states of ohio, florida, and virginia. crowds at his campaign stops are growing and poll numbers are inching upwards hi since his performance in the first presidential debate. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. according to a real clear politics average, the president is less than a point ahead in virginia, and romney is leading the president in florida by three points. the family of elizabeth marriott is asking for help to find the 19-year-old's body. the university of new hampshire student vanished last tuesday night in dover, new hampshire. police say they believe elizabeth is dead and they believe they have the man who killed her. 29 yea year old seth mazzaglia n
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custody. police are working to recover her body but say they have credible evidence that the suspect disposed of her remains in new hampshire. we're now going to check in with one of our top house members who is keeping an eye on the events in libya as they unfold. as we have here' hearings on cal hill, the congres congresswomans with her reaction to what we've learned and what we still don't know. thanks so much for joining us. >> no. thank you for the opportunity. >> let me ask you first. the house hearing on the hill this week, a lot of heated moments, but what did you learn ultimately bottom line from that hearing that you didn't know before? >> well, what we learned are exact time lines, events, and the tragedy that unfolded could have been prevented, and we learned that this admininistratn had a sheer disregard for the consequences of that security lax that resulted in the deaths of four americans including the first time that a u.s.
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ambassador has lost his life in such a terrorist attack in 30 years. now, what we've seen is this. the state department regional security officer in benghazi twice requested a formal request for more security, and what happened? well, as the lieutenant colonel clearly said in his testimony before the government reform committee, they were taken out of country, and this in spite of the fact that the ambassador specifically requested that they be allowed to stay, and this in spite of the fact that the international red cross building close to the benghazi consulate had twice been attacked, in spite of the attac the fact thae consulate had been twice been attacked including ied attacks where a hole was blown in the entrance to the consulate big enough so that 40 people could enter at one time, in spite of the fact that there were repeated attacks, terrorist
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attacks. this administration stonewalled and lied to the american people and kept saying it was this video, a video that they themselves were advertising more by keeping this blame on this incredible idiotic hurtful video, but they did not want to say this was a terrorist attack. why? because the obama administration was politicizing this terrorist al-qaeda attack in order to score political points by saying we killed bin laden. al-qaeda no longer exists. we have no terrorist attacks, so if anyone is trying to politicize this problem, it's been the obama administration where they've done it from the rose garden, from the united nations general assembly, all the national tv shows in spite of the fact that the libya president and all of the security personnel including the intelligence community that vice-president biden wanted to blame had been saying it was a planned, coordinated terrorist
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attack by al-qaeda. the only ones who did not want to accept that was the obama administration because it was an inconvenient truth for them. >> well, and you mentioned the vice-president. no surprise that the issue of libya would come up in the vice-presidential debate this week. we want to play a little bit of what vice-president joe biden had to say. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security again. >> congresswoman, is it fair to say that the white house or that the vice-president didn't know because essentially these requests would have funneled through the state department. he's taking a lot of heat for that statement, but is it fair? >> well, now, what we do know is this. the folks on the ground made two specific requests, and this came out in the hearing, two specific requests for more security, and the conclusion that they drew when it was rejected is that they thought well, they're rejecting it because it was a political decision. they wanted to appear as if everything was fine and dandy on
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the ground in spite of these repeated attacks right there in benghazi, and when the state department and the administration officials requested additional security for tripoli, that was granted to them. yet they did not grant any additional security to benghazi where all of these attacks were taking place. now, maybe the vice-president is trying to mince words and say he himself was not told and president obama himself was not told. just imagine if president bush during his administration tried to get away with that line, that he did not know himself about these terrorist attacks. this is an administration that has not been playing fair with the american people, has not been telling the truth, and the time line is clear that they were deliberately misleading the american public because they don't want to face the fact that this was a terrorist attack orchestrated by al-qaeda. vice-president might try to mince words about whether he
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himself knew about it, and if he didn't, my god, he better show up for those intelligence briefings and so would the president instead of playing one more round of golf. let's have them sit down for the intelligence briefing because everyone in the intelligence community surely knew, and the people on the ground in benghazi surely knew. so if their best defense is they 245 they themself did not know it, i think that's even more harmful. let's get a commander-in-chief who really understands and cares enough to know about what's going on with our men and women overseas. >> well, as chair of the house foreign affairs committee, we know that your work there and for others in the house is far from over. we know the senate will examine this as well. congresswoman, thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. we have a follow up letter based on this hearing to secretary of state hillary clinton asking for detailed answers on the questions that were brought up in that hearing. so thank you very much. >> thank you, and we'll make sure our viewers get a look at that letter as well. some minor set backs delay
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the arrival of the space shuttle "endeavour" at its new home. we'll take a look at when it's finally expected to get there and what's been in the way. plus, with just two days until the next debate, we asked governor mark sanford about the candidates' strategy moves going into a brand new format. he's live with us ... next. [ female announcer ] the best things in life are the real things.
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>> the shuttle "endeavour" traveled 123 million miles before the last 12 proving to be tough. the space shuttle is almost at its final home. the california science museum. the 12 mile trip from the airport was supposed to take just two days, but the five-story "endeavour" has hit numerous dli delays as it tooled through the streets of los angeles. trees, lamp posts, and buildings all causing trouble. the cost of moving the shuttle is estimated to be $10 million. debates are often as much about style as substance. some say the vice-president's mannerisms perhaps overshadowed anything either man was trying to say while others applauded his take. james rosen looks at what happened and the reaction. >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other.
12:18 pm
>> this is a bunch of stuff. >> it's irish. >> it is. >> reporter: 51 million viewers of thursday's debate imbibed a few shots of irish and a healthy sampling of vintage joe biden. to virtually every thrust made by republican nominee paul ryan, the hyperanimated vice-president responded by grinning and smiling. many called it smirking and by rolling his eyes to the heavens. >> i think that undid the advantage in rhetoric that he had in carrying the debate. it was so disrespectful. >> i think biden really made a lot of strong points tonight. again, i just don't know if woman found him likeable or not. >> my sense about it was is that it was so compelling that people probably couldn't take their eyes off it. i thought it was unattractive. i thought it was rude. >> i just don't think he should be laughing during a discussion about the they are thermo nucle. >> with flashes of the lawyerly wileyness that marked his 10 tee
12:19 pm
as chairman of the house judiciary committee, he resorted to sarcasm and by some estimates more than 80 interruptions. >> their own actuary came to congress and said one out of six hospitals and in youring homes will go out of business because of this. >> reporter: i suspect inspects were put off by dems will have loved all his passion and fire in the belly. sur enough, bill maher tweeted 911, there's an old man beating a child on my tv. the white house had no problem with biden being biden. >> when congressman ryan starts attacking the administration over the recovery act and the split screen shows the vice-president smiling, i can tell you, i can guess why he was smiling, because he knew how hypocritical that was. >> to the role of the earnest young man, ryan offended no one with his demeanor per se. >> congres congressman ryan felt
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comfortable in the entitlement reform area. >> some were struck by the sheer volume of ryan's h2o intake and others felt sh he should have rd the knuckle -- rapped the knuckle manies of thes. >> he allowed himself to be cut off. >> for all the attention the vice-president garnered, it was not his largest audience. mr. biden's showdown against sarah palin four years ago drew close to 70 million viewers. shannon? >> our thanks to james ro rosenr that piece. president obama and mitt romney are deep in the throes of prep for their debate. so what strategies will the two candidates use to try to score points. former south carolina governor mark sanford joins us live to break it down. governor, thank you for joining us today.
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governor. can you hear us? sounds like we're having a bit of technical trouble. can we hear the governor? okay. we will get back to governor sanford shortly to talk about campaign strategy, debate strategy as the two get ready, the two candidates, for tuesday matchups. we'll be back to him as soon as we can iron the trouble. former alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee sarah palin who was in that hot seat four years ago is going to join us live. so if you want to know important things like what bristol's next dance is going to be on dancing with the stars, well, you can ask the governor yourself. she's answering your questions. tell us what would you like to ask sarah palin. tweet us your questions to @anhqdc or @shannon bream. nothing is off the table. she guarantees she will answer. if you want to place your question into the rotation, tweet it to us and we'll ask the governor next hour. well, governor romney got a boost in the polls after the first debate. can he build on that momentum. we'll ask our political panel about that and brand new poll
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numbers. plus, we're learning more about the growing meningitis outbreak and the company linked to it may be in trouble, even more than we thought. new details up next. [ male announcer ] how do you turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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why let constipation stry miralax.? mirlax worksdifferently than other laxatives. it dws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to fe great. miralax. >> seems like we've ironed out our technical trouble. we're checking with former south carolina mar governor mark sanfd to talk strategy about the next debate. what do you think governor romney did well the last time around that convinced so many folks that were maybe undecided at least from what the polling shows us initially that he's their man? >> well, i think he was assertive, and a lot of folks had wondered would he ever step out and really challenge obama? i think that was one of the real frustrations with conservatives across the country. i think he needs to continue that. you know, obviously obama will come out in this case much more forcefully and he will throw a
12:27 pm
lot of spears. i think it's very, very important that in this case, you know, romney stays focused on his vision for the country and stays focused on the things that ultimately matter the most to people in the country which is where is the economy going, where are we with jobs, and what's happening next on the debt and deficit issue. >> we got mixed signals from the obama campaign that the president intends to be more aggressive this time around. we know it's a town hall format where the candidate will be taking questions from undecided voters but also with a moderator in place. how well does that play in an audience and with real live average citizen voters? i mean, there has to be a balance in the tone, i would imagine, for how aggressive you can be in that kind of setting. >> yeah. i think both the town hall format creates limits to how tough one can be with the other, but i also think that, you know, obama's running a very fine edge here. i think joe can, quote, be joe, whatever that means in the
12:28 pm
vice-presidential debate. i thought he was obnoxious. i thought he was caustic. i thought he was abrasive, but he can get away with it in a way that obama can't. i think that if there's anything that people liked or believed in back in '08 with obama, it was that he was sort of fair-minded, and so i think that he's got real limits to where he can go without, i think, really hurting himself in terms of the larger r perception of what his brand is about being fair minded and equality and all the things he talked about in '08. >> we're getting hints we may hear about things we didn't hear about in the first debate between these two, things like bain capital, things like the 47% remark from governor romney. how does the president roll that out without crossing the line because obviously he needs to be able to criticize governor romney as well as governor romney needs to be able to criticize him. how do you do that delicately enough to make your point but not seeming like you are maybe joe being joe in the way that he was this week? >> i think it comes down to tone.
12:29 pm
i mean, i think that anything can be fair game in the world of debates. as i say, i've been in more than my share of debates through congress years and governor years and part of the debate, you're, coach, catching spears or dwre grenades or whatever yot to call. it's important in how the message is sent. in other words, for obama to maintain his brand as, quote, fair-minded, he cannot get away with the kind of things that joe was getting away with, the smirky smile and what inot. it comes down to a matter of tone, and i think, you know, romney needs to do exactly what he did last debate which is to be strong, to be firm, to say i disagree and here's where i disagree, but i think he was very reverent, if you will, and fair-minded in the way that he approached that debate. i think he needs to basically take that game book back to play here in the town hall setting we'll see this week. >> shannon: what kind of opportunity will the two candidates have facing real live voters one on one, a chance to show a bit of empathy or to
12:30 pm
maybe even talk about understanding what they're going through, even though most folks will look at both the candidates and say these are 1% people who are doing just fine? >> well, you know, i don't think that ultimately there was anybody better than that, let's say ronald reagan from the right or bill clinton from the left in the way that they could empathize with a voter. i think that both of these men, both obama and romney, are a little bit more stiff, a little bit more reserved than the other two, and so i think that they're going to do the best they can. i think that they need to show empathy. i think that ultimately what matters to many voters out there is not only what do you believe, but what do you believe about my situation and to really listen to folks and frankly, to empathize with where they're coming from. >> former south carolina governor mark sanford. thank you for your time today, sir. >> my pleasure. thank you. governor romney enjoying a bibit of a boost in the polls after the debate.
12:31 pm
a fox news poll showed he jumped three points among likely voter putting him a point ahead of president obama. he got some help in some key swing states as well. can he keep up the momentum? joining us now to break it all down, charlie hurt from the washington times, a columnist for the hill and a fox news contributor and daily beast columnist. welcome to you all. great to have you here today. we'll start with you. this bump for governor romney out of the first debate, the obama camp is not going to be caught offguard this time. they've made that clear that they're prepped and ready to go. how far do you think the president will go in trying it make up ground in the next debate? >> i think that he won't do what he did last time which he didn't prepare enough and i don't think he took it seriously enough. now they're saying he's been cramming for four days and he's preparing. it's also a better format for him because he doesn't have to deal with romney coming at him as much in a town hall format. he'll have to foang focus on not seeming con descending to a voter, and he gets irritated if
12:32 pm
he doesn't think they're grateful enough. i think ee he'll be prepared bed anything he would need. >> do you think this format favors the president? >> not necessarily because mitt romney has really not only become a better debater throughout the primaries, much better than he was in 2007, 8, or even 2011. he's really much calmer now on the stump, much more confident. he's literall literally lettingr hang down. he was having a really great time in the debate. he really wants the job. he made obama looked like he was checked out and didn't even really want the job. so i think he's going to be good with the voters in the give and take. president obama could get a tick and be condescending and put out if it's not going exactly like he had planned. obama needs to find his sort of inner warmth that joe biden and bill clinton have and be as convincing as they have on behalf of his own record but even more so without any factual
12:33 pm
errors and without aggression. he was really -- he got a pass, and he doesn't understand that in 2008 because mccain was so consistently grumpy in all three of the debates that it was a different setting. now he's the incumbent, and romney has this unflappable really calm friendly way about him in those settings. he doesn't get thrown off easily. if the president tries, he really risks throwing himself off, i think. >> and charlie, we know from the past that there have been candidates who have done well in the first matchup and there was sort of, you know, a reconfiguring by the one who didn't do so well in the debates who came back fronting? the last -- strong in the last two. do you think romney keeps the edge or the president will be able to right the ship? >> there's a real risk that there could be an overcorrection on the part of the obama camp. oddly, partly because of joe biden's bizarre performance during the vice-presidential debate. at some point it could sort of begin to get into people's minds that they're not taking this
12:34 pm
seriously, and if that is, in fact, the case, all the warmth in the world from obama is not going to help him, but i do think that there is -- he has the advantage because, you know, mitt romney has always had difficulty kind of relating to us earthlinks in that sort of format. in that format it will be highlighted. he'he so bl me away with that first performance. i didn't know he was capable of doing that well. >well. >> shannon: we understand that he's really pushed, if you watch the campaign speeches and him on the stump, to talk, to humanize himself, to tell more personal stories, to be more relatable to people who have questions in the audience. we'll see how it works this time around. i want to talk about specific polling. let's look at florida because there's apparently been a shift there. the one poll that came out on its own post debate that's getting the most attention, tampa bay times, has obama at 44, romney at 51. that seems like a change from what we'd seen before. the real clear politics has it
12:35 pm
much closer but giving the edge by 2 percentage points to romney. what does the president need to do in florida to get voters back on board? it will be a key state, of course. >> you know, i have to say i'm sort of surprised at how volatile this election has been considering that people are pretty much in their corners and you have a few independents, so florida has been something where i think a year ago we all would have said it's going to be republican. the chances of the democrats winning it very low. then it started looking like more recently it was starting to move into obama's column. i know the campaign was feeling really good about it, feeling like paul ryan has hut romney there and you have a poll like this. the only thing i can say about people moving around so much is they're obviously not happy for obama and they're looking for an all thalternative. what happened was an alternative showed up at the debate and had to meet a certain threshold to say okay, this guy actually, yeah, he could be president, and so what has to happen in the
12:36 pm
next debate is obama has to convince people that a, no, he's not ready to be president, and b, you've gotta stay with me because we're on the right track, we're moving in the right direction. you don't want to change courses mid stream. > >> shannon: a much tighter race in ohio where the averages are going in favor of the president. of course, that's a key state for anybody who wants to get to the white house. do you think that romney has a chance to break through there because the latest poll out that the obama campaign is citing gives a 5-point edge and it's sometimes an outlier and leans left. they're touting it this morning saying we haven't lost any ground in ohio, the president will still win it. >> i don't think they can campaign like they're five points ahead in ohio because romney is definitely chipping into his leads in all the right places. he has to fight hard for ohio, and obviously the republican ticket is fighting very hard for ohio. they're literally living there right now. there's a path for romney without ohio, but it's very tight. it's nevada, new hampshire, wisconsin, iowa, colorado, and
12:37 pm
florida. very tight path to 270, so the president needs to fight hard in florida to throw them off, but the president can lose florida. he just can't lose ohio, and then he needs to fight hard in these other states where you see some movement, but this is such a volatile and angry and anxious electorate. the president is ahead in one poll by two points in arizona. thithere's going to be incredibe grassroots of the organization of latinos there. crazy things are happening everywhere. there's definitely a possibility that a debate throws this whole thing again. >> carly, charlie a quick fina. >> i agree with them. the reason we're seeing this volatility is people haven't sort of dialed into the election and as they do, with these debates, it's sort of been mighty beneficial to mitt romney. >> shannon: just about three weeks left to go. thank you very much. coming up, voter registration drives in high school. which state is going the extra
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>> a lot of us have great regard for secretary clinton. she's like the one adult, the one professional in the administration, so i think there was a certain reluctance at the start to question hillary clinton. >> that was congressman pete king on america's news headquarters explaining why the secretary of state hasn't been asked to testify yet. >> shannon: in the investigation into the administration's handling of the libyan consulate attacks. that's one of our most clicked stories on line. peter doocy is standing by in the newsroom with all the stories you're reading on line. >> congressman king told america's news headquarters that there are a lot of questions that killed four americans including ambassador chris stephens. he said the secretary of state should fill in on gaps on whether the white house knew
12:43 pm
about the attacks and when she first realized the attacks were terror-related. also on line, a california woman is using social media to help find her mom's killer. phyllis carson was murdered in 1970 and no suspects were ever identified. phyllis called her family after a night out saying she was getting a ride home with a friend and was never seen alive again. her daughter, melissa, says the case has haunted her for years and that somebody somewhere has useful information. now she's on line. a group of memphis area students is finding the silver lining in what could have been a very disappointing trip. 20 high school students made the eight-hour journey by bus to danville, kentucky to the vice-presidential debate. when they got there, they townd out their -- found out their seats has been given away to politicians and media. they were able to tour the room and got a glimpse of vice-president biden.
12:44 pm
>> shannon: peter doocy, thank you. north carolina is the only state requiring high schools to hold voter registration drives. some students are too young to vote now but are being preregistered for the future. here's a report fo on the thouss already signed up. >> in about three weeks, 18-year-old rebecca milsap will vote for the first time. >> everyone talks about politics and talks about the way they'd like to vote. to actually to get to do it, to be able to heard. >> thanks to a very motivated civics teacher, she just registered as a new voter between classes. >> it doesn't matter to me if they're conservative or liberal, republican, democrat, whatever. i just want them to participate. >> are you guys registered to vote? >> reporter: students all over north carolina are signing up to vote in large numbers because of the unique law that requires voter registration drives on high school campuses. >> i just turned 17 in august, and i actually just registered to vote last week.
12:45 pm
>> reporter: state representative sponsored the law. >> we all know the national trend that voter participation with youth is pretty low. it's pretty pathetic, to be honest, so i hope that this is a tool to say, you know, participate in your government, participate in democracy. >> reporter: since the law took effect in 2010, more than 100,000 tiernlings hav tyrannie0 teenagers have registered. north carolina teens are evenly split among democrats and republicans with many of them registering as independents. shannon, there are five states that have allowed students to reregister. north carolina is the only state with a law requiring voter registration drives. >> shannon: good to get involved early on regardless of where you're coming from. elizabeth. thank you. look at that.
12:46 pm
>> shannon: he revolutionized and energized the conservative movement. ahead, a look into the life and political battles of late media guru andrew bright heart. we'll talk to the man leading the charge. and former governor sarah palin joins us live. she'll preview the next big presidential debate and answer your questions. post them now on our facebook page and tweet them to @anhqdc or @shannonbream. i love how clean and healthy my mouth is right now.
12:47 pm
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12:50 pm
>> you hateful people. how dare you impugn these people's reputation. the ease with which you used it to ruin the whole, it's despicable. >> that is a clip from the new film hating breitbart. andrew breitbart was just 43 years old when he died, and for many in the conservative movement, he was and still is their champion. bold, brash, and unafraid to take on the main stream media, he was perhaps the hardest hitting conservative activist of the obama era. he takes us inside the war he waged against liberalism and the
12:51 pm
one that was waged against him. andrew marcus is the film's director. he joins us live along with the president and ceo of the breitbart news network. gentlemen, thank you to you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> andrew, i'll start with you. what kind of access did you have in putting this together? what kind of side of andrew breitbart are people going to see? >> well, we had really amazing access. andrew breitbart was very open about letting people into watch him and see what he was about, see what his fight was about, and he gave us pretty much unprecedented access to almost anything we wanted. what we were able document was his war against the institutional left and their progressive media organs which have been weaponized to assassinate the character of anybody that contradicts the progressive narrative. >> shannon: larry, how did they change the conversation the way that conservatives and liberals deal with each other in the
12:52 pm
world of new media and social media? >> well, andrew was a pioneer of new media, and he helped democratize media and give a voice to a number of people who had been shut out for years in particular on the conservative side. he helped level the playing field for conservative voices, both in politics, the media, culture, entertainment, and this movie captures a big part of his battle to do that. >> shannon: in many ways, larry, it seems like he rather than shying away or have the politically correct conversation, i mean, he went right into the faces of those he opposed to call them out publicly and there was no sort of delicate balance about doing it. >> no. andrew was a brawler, and andrew was fearless, and it's interesting that andrew marcus chose the title hating breitbart for the film which by the way is an excellent film, and andrew did a great job with it.
12:53 pm
because people came up to me after andrew passed away and said did andrew like to be hated? he was always in the middle of these fights, and the truth is, andrew liked -- nobody likes to be hated. andrew liked absorbing the hates so others didn't have to. he knew he was strong, and he could fight for people, and he could fight for more voices, not fewer, and so he was willing to go out there and a absorb the he and the arrows so other people didn't have to and to show them that you could do that and survive. >> shannon: andrew, in so many ways people love him or hate him thought that they knew him. they thought they knew andrew breitbart. many folks felt they knew him personally which, of course, they didn't. what kind of burden did you feel or honor did you feel in trying to put together this movie in a way that would after he had passepassed away accurately pory who he was and what he was about? >> well, it's a tremendous honor and a huge responsibility. here is a man who taught a movement how to stand up for
12:54 pm
itself and fight back, and now that he's gone, it really became our responsibility to portray his legacy correctly. there's already people out there who are trying to rewrite his legacy and rewrite who andrew breitbart was and what his fight was about, and our film really, i think, is one of the major bulwarks against other people trying to define who andrew breitbart was and what this fight was. >> shannon: larry, now that he's gone, what is his legacy? what is the mission moving forward and even though he's gone, are others able to carry out what he was doing? >> absolutely. andrew taught us all how to do it, and we're continuing the work at breitbart news network, of course, on the website and elsewhere. he really did want to and effectively teach people how to take this fight. his army, the citizen journalism eampljournalismarmy is everybodo
12:55 pm
wants to take back the narrative of the country. he showed us the way. everyone has stepped up. that's what we continue ta to dt breitbart news network. >> the movie opens on friday. whether you love him or hate him, you'll definitely be entertained. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: just two days away from the next presidential debates and preparations are well underway at hofstra university where president obama and governor romney will face off in their second matchup on tuesday. more on that coming up. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> shannon: we begin this hour of america's news headquarters with a fox news alert. we have just gotten word that former senator are li arlen spr has passed away. this news confirmed by his son. he served in the senate for decades and served and elected as both a republican and a democrat. a lot of work on the senate judiciary committee. key with a number of supreme court nominations hearings. he has struggled over the last couple of years and been hospitalized in the last couple of years. the family confirming that former senator arlen specter has passed away. as soon as we know more about that we will keep you updated. back to politics. there is a whole lot riding on the tuesday night debate between president obama and governor romney.
1:00 pm
both candidates off the campaign trail now to get into the midst of campaign prep. i'm shannon bream. hour number two w begins with d henry in williamsburg, virginia where the president is. >> reporter: the president's team knows that he has to step it up. the first debate in denver he was widely panned not just by republicans but some of the fellow democrats felt like he didn't show up with the same passion they have seen on the campaign trail and were expecting in the debates. he is holed up here near colonial williamsburg in a resort along the james river. very plush. beautiful weather. not sure he is enjoying too much of it. he is doing a combination of studying, briefing materials of the first debate. something of what paul ryan and mitt romney has said not just in the debates but on the campaign trail. they want to see him get tough like vice president joe biden
1:01 pm
did in the p. debate. while it is also a town hall format there is a balancing act to not be too tough. take a listen. >> you will see from the president is a forceful toneonate in energetic phone that demonstrates the choice that we have is in front of us. obviously the president is going be respectful. >> reporter: now, the president still has senator john kerry who has been standing in in the mock sessions and playing the role of mitt romney on the republican side. you have senator rob portman of ohio had been on the vp short list. he didn't get that nod obviously but has been prominent inside the romney camp. he was campaigning in fact yesterday after another debate prep session in ohio. he is campaigning with mitt romney. his crowds have been growing on the stump. he has gotten some momentum after that first debate in denver. and one of governor romney's top advisors ed gillespie said
1:02 pm
no matter what adjustments the president makes heading into the second debate they still think romney has the upper hand. >> he can change his style and tactics. he can't change his record and his policies. that is what this record is about is the fact of $4,300 drop in household incomes occurred under his watch. we have a stagnant economy. >> reporter: now, the reason why tuesday night is so critical, of course, is that after this one there is only one more face to face showdown between the two candidates. that is going to be at the end of october down in florida where they will be focused on foreign policy. tuesday night a mix of domestic and foreign in the town hall format with some undecided voters. the bottom line is once this debate is done you have one last debate two weeks before the election. time is running out in what is basically a 50/50 race for one of these candidates to jump out
1:03 pm
ahead, shannon. >> shannon: ed henry live where the president continues debate prep. thank you, ed. the other top story we are following the attack on the libyan embassy and consulate. it was at the center of discussion on "fox news sunday" this morning. anchor chris wallace asked if the president met with his national security team before heading to the fundraiser in nevada just 24 hours after word of the attack be came in. >> chris i assure you that the president was in contact with all of those who had information and responsibility in the national security chain about this incident. >> but you have to get honest and accurate answers in response to the questions and what we have seen is a constantly shifting story from this administration. >> shannon: that reaction came from ed gillespie saying ultimately theirs is a contrast between vice president biden's remarks from thursday's debate and the testimony that was
1:04 pm
given on the capitol hill by eric nordstrom the former regional security director for the state department earlier this week admiting that the request for more security personnel for the embassy in libya never rose to the level of the president. it didn't get to the white house. you can watch both interviews in full right here on the fox news channel. it airs right after the america's news headquarters at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. questions remain about what happened in benit benghazi and congress is demanding answers. the house oversight committee now launching its own investigation into the attack that left four americans dead. just last wednesday the house oversight committee heard explosive testimony from top state department officials. oversight committee member congressman patrick meehan joins us live. we will have both sides of the aisle on the debate. i want to get your ar reactiono the news that we have lost arlen specter. >> very sad. i got to serve as senior
1:05 pm
counsel to arlen and work with him for almost three years. he is a man who did very important work and did it very well. he is one of the giants of pennsylvania government history and he will be sadly missed. >> shannon: he will. he lived a long legacy of a lot of work on capitol hill and a lot of service to your state, to pennsylvania. yes, go ahead. i'm sorry. >> just i just found out. it is sort of one of those things that the word is circulating quickly and while people were aware that he had been quite sick the fact that he has passed is just beginning to hit and i know many who are close to him and his family will be touched by the news and have lost a good friend. >> shannon: all right. and now moving on to the news of libya. and the hearing that we heard on wednesday there was a lot of new information that at least the general public hadn't heard before. anything that struck stuck out to you? what was the bottom line takeaway that you got from wednesday's hearing?
1:06 pm
>> what we are finding is a real disconnect between the white house and the administration and those who are in the field. we see on both ends of the incident in benghazi misrepresentations or real dysfunction and you have heard the white house in the form of vice president biden say that there had been no communication to them about the needs that had been asked for from the field and the question begins to be asked why is there not information that is getting up to the appropriate places. but even if that wasn't what was known, on the other end in the aftermath we are seeing real questions about the store areries that came out of the white house, many people speaking about the tape being the critical thing, sort of the causation of these incidents when in fact we are getting more information that the intelligence community was clearly indicating otherwise. so why is there this
1:07 pm
dysfunction? either they are throwing the intelligence committee under the bus or there is a disconnect in the form of is the intelligence community not giving them accurate information which now seems not to be the case but why are they incapable of acting on information that they did have? or is the spin that was coming out a complete fabrication and those are real serious and legitimate questions that can cause this issue to continue to move forward. >> shannon: comeman, wcongresse know your work will continue into finding out exactly what happened in libya. thank you for your time. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: joining us live in the studio democratic congressman from ohio and oversight committee member dennis kucinich. i know you have memories of arlen specter. >> fair minded man. the fact that he could relate to democrats and republicans. embodied a bipartisan approach
1:08 pm
and in favor of a lot of work people and had a real sympathy for the concerns of working people and their rights. he is certainly going to be missed. >> shannon: let's move on to libya. you are part of the committee that delved into this and will continue to delve into it this week. what are are your concerns at this point? >> first of all, i want to thank congressman meehan for standing with me to ban sending troops to libya absent congressional approval. the administration took it upon themselves to send the troops and didn't come to congress, created a problem in that regard. there is also a security issue. our embassies not only in libya but across the regehr a regiont risk. just a day after the hearing al-qaeda assassinated a u.s. employee at a consulate in yemen. our diplomats are at risk. and what really gets me is that you have the government of
1:09 pm
libya which is really a fake government that rose up after we knocked off ghadaffi. the government of libya is basically protesting to having u.s. security footprint. you know what, if they don't like our marines there or can't tolerate it maybe we ought to think about closeing that embassy and ending our presence there and leaving them to the militias who apparently are running the show, anyway. >> shannon: what would be the negative impact of losing at least our foot in the door, do we walk away in tall? >> you have is to first evaluate if this thing worked out. this is a nightmare. there are guns running all throughout libya and in the region as a result of the collapse of the government which we helped to accelerate. so there is a policy is issue here. but frankly it is not a partisan issue. the talk about budgeting. budget and republicans are said to cut security budget.
1:10 pm
well, they didn't give the state department what the state department asked, that is true. on the other hand, the budget was plussed up to 120%. then you say well, where was the debate in congress? almost an equal number of democrats and republicans helped pass the bill. so we have to stress the need for bipartisan cooperation to resolve this crisis in our -- at our embassy is and we must focus on improving security at our embassies now. the fact is there is an election, we cannot make this a partisan matter. we need to come together, democrats and republicans and say protect our embassies now and if we have to we send detachments of marines where diplomats may be at risk to attacks from al-qaeda. >> shannon: ask you before we let you go. do you think there has been a coverup post attack? where do you think there is the message being lost in translation? >> i think what we have here is chaos and out of chaos it is hard for people to interpret
1:11 pm
it. but there is an attitude on the part of some in the state department who says well, we can't operate as though we are in a bunker. look, if you have a violent condition where there had already been a series of attacks and red cross on the british ambassador then you have to make an assessment that says well, maybe be we should be hunkering down to protect the diplomats and then work out our relationship with the the government. that government wouldn't be there or whatever passes for a government there unless we had intervened. we have to change our policies on intervention as far as i'm concerned. where we are there we need to protect the diplomats with whatever it takes. we have to send more machines to do it that -- more marines 20 do it that is exactly what we should be doing. >> shannon: israel says it has killed a senior gaza militant suspected of carrying out attacks against israeli and egyptian targets.
1:12 pm
they killed the man in an air raid. said to be one of the top leaders of a ultraviolent movement in gaza. it appears elections will be held in israel january 22. tensions between israel and iran seem close to boiling over. congressman franks is in jerusalem discussing what role the u.s. should play. he joins us live. congressman, thank you so much for your time today tell us the latest that you discovered there on the ground in israel. >> well, you know, the israeli people are the bravest and most noble people in the world and they he understand the challenge that they face with iran but they are facing it very heads up and i hope somehow the people of america and especially our leaders understand that their equation is not just an academic one. if iran gains nuclear weapons israel faces the potential of being destroyed and right now i
1:13 pm
have to say to you that it is very important for all americans to do everything they possibly can to make sure when we elect leaders this fall we elect leaders that will stand with israel and not let israel stand alone. >> shannon: how you do you you respond to those who say that some of the rhetoric that has come from the foreign minister benjamin netanyahu they refer to it as background noise or accuse him of trying to play into the u.s. presidential political election coming up? >> well, i think everything that benjamin netanyahu has said has been for the sake of trying to protect the national security of israel and for somehow him to be considered background noise by the president of the united states is a disgrace that beggars my ability to articulate. israel is the most vital and most important ally that america has in the entire world and i just am astonished that somehow we don't realize that if israel somehow if their security is threatened or
1:14 pm
compromised it threatens the peace and security of the entire human family. and it is hard for me, it is hard for me as an american member of congress to listen to my president sometimes reserve more criticism for israel for building homes in their capital city, their own capital city than he has reserved for ahmadinejad for building nuclear weapons with which to threaten the peace and security of the entire world. it is a hard paradox to understand. >> shannon: all right. i want to ask you as well about with the word that we got that a drone, hezbollah is taking credit for the drone that flew miles into israeli air pace. they are making a big deal out of the fact that they were able to get that far and basically intrude into israeli airspace. do you think it was a provokation. do you think it was a test? what are you hearing? >> well, you know, the israeli air force had this on radar. it left lebanon, i understand, went out over the mediterranean
1:15 pm
and came in over gaza and the o is stensible intent was to prehe tend it had come from gaza. the israelis were aware of it at all times. if, indeed, it was hezbollah or iran's adel attempt, we have to realize iran is the main country behind hezbollah, i would suggest that israel obliged them and came them clear results on their test and blew their drone to vapor. it is a reminder of how much hall lent israel faces every day. i thought the israelis handled it remarkably well. >> shannon: congressman trent franks traveling in jerusalem. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, shalom. >> shannon: a look next at the life and legacy of arlen specter, coming up. bob...
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>> shannon: it is breaking news just a short time ago we learned that former pennsylvania senator are lin specter has passed adenver arlen specter has passed away.
1:20 pm
his son tells the associated press that his father died at his home in philadelphia from complications of nonhodgkins lymphoma. >> it has been a great privilege to have had a voice for the last 30 years in the great decisions of our day. >> as the longest serving senator from pennsylvania arlen specter described himself as rugged and fierce. those closest to him said he was a hard worker and intensely loyal. it is the last characterization loyalty that would haunt specter when his 30 year career in the senate ended. as a democrat turned republican turned democrat again. specter grew up in kansas, the son of jewish immigrant parents from russia. he graduated from yale law school in 1956. it was while serving as assistant district attorney in philadelphia that specter worked on the warren commission the group investigating the assassination of john f. kennedy. he was one of the the men who
1:21 pm
came up with the single bull let theory. in 1965, 35-year-old specter ran for district attorney of philly as a registered democrat on the republican ticket. it was said that the gop offered him a chance when democrats balked at his wish to run. soon after his victory he officially became a republican. he lost a bid for mayor in '67 but was reelected as d.a. he lost his subsequent bid in 1973 and in the years that followed also lost runs for the u.s. senate and the governor's office and ultimately the presidency in 1996, dropping out before the primaries. but in 1980, specter successfully ran for the senate and headed to washington to begin writing his unmatched legacy in the state of pennsylvania. specter would become most well known for his work on the powerful senate judiciary committee. >> mr. specter? >> no. >> he crossed party lines during the infamous robert bork
1:22 pm
hearing. voting against bork. >> for me it was a hard decision to disagree with my colleagues on the republican side on this committee, to disagree with my president and my party and to indicate a vote against a man whom i had come to know and to like and to respect. >> specter was seen as an important factor in the failed nomination. as a member or chairman, specter would go on to be part of 13 supreme court confirmations committee hes. although specter did express some misgivings about the patriot act. as a senior member of the appropriations committee he fought to increase funding for the national institutes of health and proposed legislation to cover uninsured americans long before president obama. perhaps because specter knew what it was like to face a deadly disease. >> and i thank nih and the medical profession for the excellent care that i'm
1:23 pm
getting. >> in 2005, he was diagnosed with cancer. hodgkins lymphoma. he underwent chemotherapy, losing his hair but continuing to work. in 2008 the cancer returned and specter again sought treatment without quitting h his job. >> i was unwilling to subject my 29 year record in the united states senate to the pennsylvania republican primary electorate. >> then in april of 2009, as he trailed in the polls against a primary challenge from pat toomey specter announced that he was changing parties and would caucus with the democrats. >> i'm thrilled to have arlen in the democratic caucus. >> the white house threw its full support behind him, knowing he would give the democrats the 60 votes needed to overcome filibusters. in the end he was defeated in the primary.
1:24 pm
>> it has been a great privilege to serve the people of pennsylvania. and it is -- >> thank you, arlen! >> bringing to an end the impassioned and sometimes controversial career of the mighty snarlin arlen specter. in washington, bret baier, fox news. >> shannon: arlen specter was 82 years old. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page
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>> shannon: former u.s. senator arlen specter is dead at the age of 82. steve centanni standing by with that and your other top stories. hi, steve. >> specter's son said that his father died at his home in philadelphia from complications from nonhodgkins lymphoma. he switched from republican to democrat, a move that ended his 30 year career. senator john mccain tweetd that specter was a dear friend who served his state and nation with honor and distinction.
1:29 pm
the pentagon is investigating what caused two navy ships to collide. a sub marine and cruiser crashed yesterday during routine training off the east coast. no injuries were reported. the damage is being evaluated. neither craft lost power. at least 15 people died from meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated steroid injections. more than 14,000 people ared a risk from the injections. now, the company responsible for mixing the contaminated drugs is also accused of selling drugs without prescriptions. e-mails to customers show the company broke, massachusetts state regular lakes. the new york yankees star shortstop derek jeter is out of the post season. he broke his ankle yesterday in a play that gave the tigers the lead. the tigers clinched the win. now, the yankees are without their team captain. shannon? >> shannon: steve, i still have not recovered from friday night. a lot of pain in baseball this
1:30 pm
but happy moments, too. thank you, steve. just months after the supreme court upheld most of the affordable care act the justices have cracked open the door for a brand new challenge. how is that possible? let's talk about it with the founder and chairman of liberty council the man behind the case. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> shannon: not to get too far into the weeds but your case made it to the fourth dirtiest campaign kit which is one court lower than the supreme court. at that point they told you, you you couldn't proceed because there was a law that blocked them from considering challenges to the obama care essentially it was a tax. at the supreme court they ruled they could move ahead and consider the case. that means you are saying you should get another chance to go back and refight your case. do you think it will happen? >> i think so. we filed suit on behalf of liberty university the first day that obama care was signed
1:31 pm
into law. the court of appeals ruled that the antiinjunction act did not allow it to reach the merits of the individual or employer mandate. we asked the supreme court to review that matter and it was the first day of the three days that addressed that very issue and the supreme court ruled that that act does not apply. therefore it ruled in our favor. we asked the supreme court then to allow us to go back to the court of appeals and address the issues that the supreme court has not addressed and that the constitutionality of the employer mandate and also the free exercise of religion that applies both to individuals and to employers because under obama care we he now you know that everyone including employers, religious employers included will be forced to fund abortion or abortion inducing pills and also sterilization and contraception and that in is in
1:32 pm
cnntrovertion with the liberty university religious fews. >> you talk about the case and people say it is already decided, they are done you are going to challenge things that they didn't consider. you mentioned the employer mandate and challenge the individual mandate on different grounds. the fact is we know that the court is taking this seriously because as you mentioned the first time you filed for rehearing it was denied but just a couple of weeks ago we did learn that the court has asked the government to respond to your petition for a rehearing. what kind of arguments do you expect the department of justice is going to make against the rehearing which is due in just a couple of weeks? >> well, it is hard to know exactly what they could actually come up with because, frankly, this is pretty clear cut. it is very unusual for the supreme court to rehear a case but in this particular case the fact that they directed the department of justice to respond within 30 days indicates to me and others that they have an interest in the case and there is a serious matter that needs to be
1:33 pm
addressed. i believe at the end of the day what will ultimately happen is the supreme court will send it back to the court of appeals and at that point we will address the constitutionality of the employer mandate in general and that also in addition to that we will address the free exercise of religion as it applies to the religious employers under the employer mandate and those individuals that also have religious objections to the forced funding and subsidizing of abortion inducing drugs contraception and sterilization. those are critical issues that have not been addressed and those can go right back to the united states supreme court and if we win on that issues it will essentially sink obama care and put such a big hole in the bottom of the ship that it will go down eventually in 2013. that is what our hope is and that is where we believe the direction will go in the future. >> shannon: a fascinating development this case could be back before the high court as early as 2013. thanks for your time. >> thank you. my pleasure to be with you.
1:34 pm
>> when we get back, we will ask governor palin some of your questions you tweeted in. stick around. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholestel, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> shannon: check this out. extreme athlete felix baumgartner is taking a page out of evel knievel's stunt book. he is ascending as high above the earth as i think any man has gone outside of a space craft. there he is above 118,000 feet. he plans to jump out of this capsule he is in and go free falling over new mexico 23-miles to the ground. this is going happen we understand when hits 120,000 feet. he is hoping to break it 52-year-old altitude record of 19.5 miles. you may have heard this the last few days the stunt has been canceled numerous times because of weather concerns but they believe that his tore arery is going to be made today. he is just moments away from doing this jump and what he is attempting to do is to break
1:39 pm
the speed of sound in free fall essentially with his body. the researchers involved with this say it will provide important medical and scientific data that they can study. he is getting close to the point where they tell us he is going to make the jump from space. >> and. >> shannon: he has reached the 120,000-foot mark the point at which we are told he would be preparing to jump and freefall to earth. ever >> balloons fill. floating up. now, above what had been set as sort of the mythical float rate or maximum altitude of 120,000. so it has gone up. going up slowly. 8 miles an hour up now.
1:40 pm
oh, no, i'm sorry that is the speed across the ground. 8 miles an hour in a southwesterly are direction. vertical track, a thousand feet a minute. so, it is actually speeded up a little bit on the assen ascentm where it slowed earlier. we are now more than a thousand feet up above the original target of 121,000 feet. still trouble shooting the issue with the heat on the face plate or visor. again, 50 some degrees in the
1:41 pm
capsule so not a problem for there. but it is a problem for exiting the capsule. but it is not certain whether they have lost heat in the visor or not. so now we are going to go through the egress checklist. >> shannon: we are going to keep an eye on that jump. felix baumgartner hoping to make history jumping from 23 miles above the earth to free fall over new mexico. we want to check in with former alaska governor and fox news contributor is sarah palin here to answer your it twitter questions an and we have many d they are all over the map. governor, thanks for joining
1:42 pm
us. >> thank you so much. more power to that guy. he knows all about living life vibrantly evidently. >> he is a dare devil. some say you are a dare h darel having gone toe to toe with vice president joe biden in the debate four years ago. what did you make of this debate? >> once they got to the substance of the points being made i think that it was a given that paul ryan won that debate as he talked about private sector growth and opportunity and jobs to be created if government would just get out of the way. pretty much the foundation of many of his points and i think that obviously that is a solution to the economic woes that america is facing today. >> shannon: i want to get to some of the twitter questions and many are debate related. the first comes to us from betty duncan. she wants to know what advice you would give to mitt romney
1:43 pm
for the next debate which would be a little different than the one that we saw between the two presidential contenders? >> try hard to convince us that the big centralized government of ours in washington, d.c. can become as irrelevant in our lives as possible so the private sector can grow. government is getting in the way of the entrepreneurial spirit and job creators and hopefully governor romney will be able to talk about that and hopefully he won't engage with president obama who will no doubt argue who should be hit with tax increases come january. i would like both candidates to talk about why nobody should be hit with more tax increases. why government shouldn't be trying to take more of our fruits of our labor and our levels of productivity. keep that in the private sector so that people can the job creators can create more jobs and get the unemployment number down. >> shannon: our next question comes from jmdady.
1:44 pm
not sure how to pronouns that. wants to know would you ever accept the secretary of state position? >> i don't see an offer like that coming. i don't foresee that. but you you you know, there is something that i can do to help our country and help a conservative administration who understands what it takes to protect america via being friendly to our allies and being tough with our enemies i would consider helping in any manner that i could. >> shannon: a request of you. this comes from republican soldier. says would you you please take me hunting, you are the epitome of an american woman and i pray to find someone just like you some day. that comes from the republican soldier. >> that is just so absolutely wonderful. it is denver we are in the midst of hunting season. filling our freezer with fresh
1:45 pm
organic wildlife, feeding our children that that we believe is most healthy for your kids. god provided it for us and as we responsibly harvest it we are thankful for the opportunities and thank you, soldier, we love you, you are america's finest. you are our hero, thank you. >> shannon: and speak of children. a question that we got last time as well. this comes from ron on facebook. how is trig doing these days? >> he is doing absolutely wonderfully. we are heading over tonight to l.a. to watch bristol on dancing with the stars and we will bring trig with us in the studio to sit through one of bristol's dances. he is doing wonderful. rowdy healthy four-year-old and just the light of our lives. >> shannon: another i have to ask you. i don't have the name in front of me. they want to know how many situps you can do? >> how many -- oh, my gosh. i don't know.
1:46 pm
i don't know. >> shannon: classified information? >> should be even more, put it that way. >> shannon: and we have a lot of folks who want to know specifically what advice that you would give about issues we are dealing with the energy policy here in the u.s., what could be done to move things forward and what your advice would be for the next president whomever it may be? >> whomever it may be. i will certainly hope it is someone who understands that we have wonderful opportunities for energy independence in america. that is what i am hoping that hour next president will understand that we do have untold numbers of what we have billions and billions of gallons of safe domestic crude underneath our lands and we haven't been able to tap into those because of government regulations and fears of extreme environmentalists who would rather see us outsource the opportunities for energy independence and energy
1:47 pm
developments to countries that do not safeguard the environment that do not safeguard their workforce. here in america we have the highest standards on earth and we need to be tapping our own resources. and we can tap into the clean green natural gas that we have that is so absolutely plentiful in north america. there is so many things that we could and should be doing to allow that energy independence and the next president has to understand that because there is that inherent link between energy and prosperity and energy and security. we are on the wrong road with obama it is it comes to energy as he subsidizes foreign offshore drilling and bans our own drilling. it is unacceptable. >> we just heard about 45 minutes or so ago that former senator arlen specter passed away. he served on capitol hill for decades. your reaction to his passing?
1:48 pm
>> very sad, of course, for h his loved ones especially. and i was able to meet senator specter along the way on the campaign trail and any one who was willing to serve their fellow man in public office it takes guts. it takes determination. and fortitude. i appreciate all of his years of service to our country. very sad for his family, of course. >> shannon: okay. another question for you. will you run in 2016 if romney doesn't win or in 2020 and would you consider conde rice as an all female ticket as your v.p.? >> wouldn't that be cool an all female ticket. maybe that is part. i am obviously still thinking about running in the future for an office that would allow that -- the effective policies that america needs. we have a good track record having served in the past
1:49 pm
local, state level of government. really engaging in the relentless reform that is needed. clean up ethics and rein in the growth of government. i think i could put some of that experience to good use on a national level. obviously still thinking about it but we will see what the future holds. >> shannon: former alaska governor sarah palin always a favorite with our twitter followers. and good luck to bristol. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> shannon: which states are best for business? we will take a look at the top ten, next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪
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it's like if i thought this pepper shaker was stupid, and i said, "man, this pepper shaker is so 16-year-old boy with a cheesy mustache." just saying.
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>> shannon: which states are best for business? the tax foundation and nonparty tan tax research group out with a new report that lists who is on top when it comes to small bis and who is lingering at the bottom. brenda buttner is here with rankings. >> you know the common phrase home sweet home. during these tough types where business calls home means a lot. businesses drawn to certain states bring much needed jobs and help wanted signs. taxes are among the biggest
1:54 pm
reasons firms pick one state over another. the ranking i'm talking about today is relevant especially with the national unemploy hadn't rate is stubbornly near 8% for so long. think tanks look at how taxes impact individuals but what about the job creators? what makes a business decide to make a state its own. the tax foundation added up over 100 tax provisions and looked at a state's tax code and whether it helps or hurts businesses and made an apples to apples comparison among the states. the top five florida, alaska, nevada, south dakota and number one wyoming. what do they have in common? many do not have statewide taxes such as personal corporate income tax or sales tax. the top three have no corporate individual income taxes. at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to taxes and climate overall for job creating firms the worse five,
1:55 pm
rhode island, vermont, california, new jersey and dead last, number 50, new york. the states in the bottom ten all had this in common. they suffer from complicated nonneutral taxes with high rates compared to other places. now, the winner for most improved, maine. it went from 37th to 30th overall mainly because it repealed its alternative minimum tax. michigan also jumped in ranking by replacing the michigan business tax with a flat corporate income tax. this year these rankings are all the more interesting because so many cash starved states have been making changes and reforms and that can significantly change their rankings. back to you. >> shannon: brenda buttner. thank you very much. that is it for us here in washington. do not miss "fox news sunday" next. chris wallace is previewing the second presidential debate with david axelrod. that gets pretty heated. and ed gillespie.
1:56 pm
>> we leave you with a look at felix baumgartner in outer space right now. he continues to ascend nearly 128,000 feet in the air. he plans to jump and set a record. he wants to freefall to the earth now more than 24 miles in the air. he will come down some where over new mexico if they go ahead with with the jump. it has been called off because of weather a couple of times already but sewel he is well ie ascent. they are making tweaks and as they iron that out we will leave it to you to watch. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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